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it all started in the middle of the 80s with a sound tracker program on the Commodore C64 Computer . From that first encounter, Marc Wensauer aka ANSOLAS was immediately fascinated by the possibilities to create emotions using certain sounds.

Since it was at that time rather less easy to exchange with like-minded as it is possible today via the Internet, a long autodidact journey began...

The C64 was finally replaced by an Commodore Amiga500 combined with a ‚Techno Sound Turbo‘ module to create own samples and later by a PC with a Creative Sound Blaster AWE 32. It even got filters which however could be only modulated via sysex data.

After gaining experience, some live gigs followed where he triggered, mixed and modulated pre-made MIDI phrases while adjusting the loop range under Cubase 1. Since there weren’t any VST Plugins nor audio tracks available at this time, he was forced to travel with all his external synthesisers, effects and a Mixer.

On the search to educate further he started to study Digital Media and obtained a ‚Bachelor of Science‘ degree. In the scope of hi ‚Bachelor Report‘ with the working title „Project Phoenix – Theory and Practice of a SID based Synthesizer“ he built a Synthesizer based on the SID Sound Chip of a Commodore C64 Computer. But this should not be the end of learning, so he obtained a ‚Master of Science degree‘ in Digital Media as well.

First synth : Doefper MS404